I am certainly not the expert at relationships – I have had many fail but also one currently being successful. From each I have learned different things from each. I’ve had my fair share of guys cheat on me, use me just for sex, lie to me, and so much more. One of my first “boyfriends” in high school ended up hooking up with one of my good GUY friends while dating me. Don’t worry, I went and got tested, and I’m in the clear. From all of this, here’s a few things I have learned:

  1. If you meet him on a dating site and he doesn’t delete the site after the 4th or 5th date, you need to take that as a sign he doesn’t want anything serious from you.
  2. If you’re sleeping at his house and he gets a call from a girl first thing in the morning, RUN! It’s probably his girlfriend.
  3. If he doesn’t want to meet your family or have you meet his, he doesn’t think of it as a serious relationship.
  4. If you have a difference in values or opinions, that probably won’t change in the next couple years regardless how hard you try. Don’t let his values or opinions blind you from your own!
  5. If he calls you on the phone just to say “Hi,” he’s most likely a keeper.
  6. If he isn’t afraid to have you hang around with him when he’s with his friends, he’s proud to be with you.
  7. If he can’t keep his stories straight and they seem fishy, they most likely are!

I could keep going on and on with a list, but this is just to start. I am fortunate to have a great relationship that has made my heart happy for 2 and a half years. We both have had our share of “fuck ups,” but yet that’s what makes our relationship interesting. We aren’t perfect, but we know how to bring out the best in each other. I know he sure does bring out the best in me!


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