“Spring Break” vacation

I graduated high school in 2011 (if you’re doing the math, that means I’m 24) and should have been graduated from college in 2015…it’s 2017 and I’m still in school. This isn’t uncommon in today’s society since so many people are on the 5 year plan, or the 7-8 year plan like me. Hey, if I finish school, that is all that matters at this point. But with being in school, I also have a full time, 40 hour a week, JOB! It’s certainly stressful doing full time school and full time work but I manage. But this whole “Spring Break” thing doesn’t exist in my world so much anymore. I’m constantly doing something I feel like. Don’t get a break from life. I see pictures of friends in Cancun drinking theirs sorrows in a yard cup full of frozen margs and pina coladas.

This year was the first year in awhile that I decided to take a “Spring Break” aka vacation. It may have been one of the best spring breaks yet. I was fortunate that my boy toy took the week off with me. The first half of which consisted of getting errands done, me getting homework done, and lots and LOTS of relaxing. No one realizes how hard it is to work full time and go to school full time till they do it…it’s exhausting. Relaxing is what I needed. The 2nd half was spent in butt fuck, Nowhere, Nebraska. I mean…Fabulous Nebraska where the best thing to do in town is to go to the McDonald’s to buy a $1 drink and connect to the only in town wifi. While everyone gave me a hard time about no going somewhere tropical or warm and fun, it was exactly what I needed right now in my life. Somewhere that I could see the best view of all the stars at night, unconditional love and support from my boyfriend’s 96 year old grandpa that forgets who I am every few hours, and just a distraction from my busy life. Getting away on these kind of trips help me refocus on what I want in life, my hopes, my dreams, and appreciate the life I live. Not to get too sappy over here…

So for those of you that are down in the dumps, or just feeling a little lost, I encourage you t go to Butt-fuck nowhere and just enjoy life. Appreciate the people you have in your life, where you live, what you have, etc. To give you some “Spring Break” destination inspiration, here are a few pictures from my vacation!



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